Evaluating Affiliate Marketing Courses

There are so many affiliate marketing courses available online, both paid and free. If you go on Youtube you can find a plethora of affiliate marketing tutorials, all teaching you the basics. If you’re not sure what affiliate marketing is, here is a brief explanation.

In short, what you are doing is selling other peoples products. Whether it is a physical product or in information based product there is most likely an affiliate program for that.

Affiliate Programs for Physical Goods

Four physical products, Amazon Associates is probably the easiest place to start to sell physical products to make commissions.  Most courses is an affiliate marketing will discuss how to set up an Amazon merchant account and how to market the products.  The most simplest way is to just get an affiliate link from the product that you want to promote an embed that link somewhere on the web.  One of the easiest ways is to set up a youtube channel which reviews products.  You would then talk about the product and then includes the affiliate link in the description.  The only drawback to this with physical products is that you will need to actually purchase the product first.  If you believe in the product than it might be worth your while to make the purchase.  If your video gets a lot of views, chances are you’ll make your money back for the cost of the product or much more.

I would only advise this for a product that you actually need.  If it is relatively inexpensive and you think it will sell well then you can definitely go ahead and make the purchase.

Jon Penberthy has a course called Tube Traffic Mastery that is one of the better ones that can help you with affiliate marketing in Youtube.


Informational Products

There’s also a lot of money to be made with informational products.  In some cases the margins are much higher because there’s no shipping costs and once the product is created it can be duplicated without any further costs unlike with physical goods.

That is why with informational products for affiliate marketers they can make up to 50% if not more of the sale of the product.  When you compare this to physical products on Amazon, you’re making only between two and 5%.

If you’re looking to get into affiliate marketing, you’ll need to understand that the only way you will succeed is to get traffic.  It does not matter how good your page looks, whether you have a great offer are not, if you don’t get traffic you will never make a sale.

Why Traffic is Essential

Some of these strategies are taught online for free on how to get traffic to your website.  However most of the good strategies are never taught for free.  For example, free traffic converts the best but the only way you will ever get free traffic is if you understand search engine optimization.  Without this training you’ll likely never rank in the major search engines.

One good course that’s is relatively inexpensive is Savage Affiliates from Franklin Hatchett.  Franklin is a very prominent Youtuber who also gives out very good free advice.  He specializes in both e-commerce and affiliate marketing.  You can check out this Savage Affiliates review to learn more about his product and whether it is for you. He even has a module on SEO, so you can learn how to better position yourself in the rankings.

Before you go out and purchase an affiliate marketing course, make sure you do your research.  There are many lackluster courses out there that only scrape the surface on what it is that you need to know.



SEO Today

SEO today is much different than it was 10 years ago. Today you cannot get pages ranking the way how it was back in the day by sending a lot of spammy links – that is just not going to work. Today you need to make sure that you don’t get any Panda or Penguin penalties and to do this, you have to have unique content and not have any bad links pointing to your site.

It takes a lot longer to rank web pages now due to factors that only Google knows really. In the past you could have a page ranking on page one in a month which was not unusual. Today, it can take 3 months or more. In certain niches where it is uber competitive, you won’t be able to rank on page one at all if you are up against massive authority sites.

So the first lesson to learn here is if you are tying to rank a page that has crazy competition with massive authority sites, don’t do it. Unless you have a huge budget and are willing to take on the giants then go ahead, you just better be able to make your money back if you are doing so.

There are many courses online that you can buy to become an SEO expert in affiliate marketing or even ecommerce. If you are doing affiliate marketing and can get people clicking on your website from their search, then you can definitely cash in on your work. This type of traffic is very strong especially if they are money type keywords like “product x review” or “buy product x” and so on. To get to this status does take work but once you are there you will be able to reap the benefits.

Whatever course you buy just make sure that it’s useful. Since SEO changes a lot, make sure the course instructor does actually update his content to keep up with strategies and trends – it only makes sense to do so.

One thing to understand is that SEO takes patience, so if you don’t have it, then perhaps you should stick with paid ads instead. Patience and money is what will make you succeed and if you don’t have both elements present, chances are that you won’t succeed, as evil as that sounds.

So find yourself a mentor or a good course and learn some up to date SEO tactics that can help you with your business online.