SEO Today

SEO today is much different than it was 10 years ago.  Today you cannot get pages ranking the way how it was back in the day by sending a lot of spamming links.  You know have algorithms in place from google for example such as panda and penguin.  There are still some tactics that work but it is the way how you do it that will depend on how your site ranks.

Back linking is still an integral part of getting your website to rank.  You can have your on page SEO done perfectly but without any backlinks you’re never going to rank.  Many people end up going to a web designer, build a beautiful looking website, tell all their friends and hopes that others will discover it.  Meanwhile sites that look much uglier are ranking for keywords that the sites is ranking four on page 10 or beyond.  So what difference does it make how good your site looks if you don’t have backlinks going to it is never going to rank.

If you don’t know anything about back linking then you probably should not attempt to do this.  You’ll need to seek out an SEO expert who can do this for you.  This is a very costly endeavor but it will pay for itself in the long run.  You can save a lot of money if you don’t have a website yet by making sure that you don’t spend thousands of dollars creating a website.  Many new business owners have no idea that a web site can be created for under $300 and some are spending as much as $4000.  The extra money that you spent on the expensive website to be used strictly for back linking by your SEO expert.

Make sure that you hire the right person for the job because not all of them will be able to rank your website for the keywords that you want to rank for.  If you are in North America be careful of hiring anyone overseas from third world countries.  These people will have outrageous claims to rank your site in the number one spot but in the end to end up damaging your site even more.

A lot of these cheap companies will use spamming links which will harm your site greatly.  As mentioned before, google has algorithms in place for this so if any spammy me tactics are used your site could end up getting de-indexed.

So as a lesson for backlinks make sure that you hire the right individual for the job or you research had to do this yourself.  If you do it yourself keep in mind that it will take a lot of time and money.  You can save money if you do it yourself but if you don’t know what you’re doing you’re better off hiring somebody to do the job.